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Soup Sales Slump Due To Un-Seasonal Weather

February 17, 2012

This morning more corporate earnings were reported, and there was one story that struck me since I had never thought about this aspect of canned soup sales.

The lack of winter-like weather all over the nation has reduced sales for tourist related items like snowmobiles.  For those who live in snow climates like Wisconsin snowblower sales have plummeted.  But also when Old Man Winter stayed away consumers did not buy as many cans of soup.

As such Campbells Soup recorded a loss in sales the last quarter.   Sales of higher-priced ready-to-serve soups fell 12 percent as volume declined.

To be fair there were also other factors to the lower earnings for the company but the fact that a mild winter would be linked at all to the sale of a canned product is something I found interesting.

If one can not sell soup this winter, is it any wonder one can not even give away a snow shovel?


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