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Even West Virginia Is Talking About Legal Rights For Gay Couples

February 18, 2012

Up front let me state again that nothing is acceptable for gay men and women other than marriage rights in both name and full legal definition.

Having said that however I do want to note that even West Virginia has proposed legislation that works to level the unequal divide between those who can be married, and those who are unfairly denied that right.

A West Virginia lawmaker has introduced a bill that would give gay and lesbian couples the same legal protections as heterosexual married couples.

Delegate John Doyle says he introduced the bill Thursday to start a conversation about family equality. The Jefferson County Democrat says that gay and lesbian couples should have the same safety net to deal with the death of a parent or the loss of a job as married couples.

Fairness WV, which advocates on behalf of the gay, lesbian and transgender community, says this is the first time a civil union bill has been introduced in the West Virginia Legislature.

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