Voter Turnout Dismal On Madison Isthmus For Spring Primary

While there is only one race on the ballot for this primary election on the isthmus does not give license for voters to throttle back on their responsibilities.  After a year of hyper-energized politics where citizens in Madison made their feelings known over matters related to state government, one might think that on election day many ( if not most) of those same people would participate in the electoral process.

One might think that, but if you did it would be a mistake.  Turnout predictions are running at less than 10% of eligible voters.

The race for Dane County Circuit Court Judge has three candidates on the ballot, and this race matters.

Granted Scott Walker is not on the ballot, but one would hope that is not what is needed to energize citizens enough to haul it out to the polls and cast a ballot.

When James and I cast our ballot on at the Wil-Mar Center at 1:30 we were voters 129 and 130.

That is dismal!

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