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Kathleen Falk Gets Notice From Politico “I’m Not A Soft Touch, I’m Just Fair”

February 24, 2012

In a news story up on the Politico web site today Kathleen Falk  continues to demonstrate why she has the best chance to win the recall election against Scott Walker, and move Wisconsin forward.

“I have worked around the state with citizens who have just reacted to the  extreme far right agenda of Scott Walker in a way I’ve  never seen before,” Falk told POLITICO in an interview. “In Wisconsin,  we don’t skew far left or skew far right. We just want good education, some  health care, clean air and water and a decent job — very common sense values.  The Governor Walker agenda has just torn the state apart.”

“I’m not a soft touch, I’m just fair,” she said. “And that process of  negotiating through collective bargaining accomplished a ten million dollar  saving for taxpayers, and I am proud of it. I am proud of those unions for doing  their share of the sacrifice. Wisconsin is the home to public sector collective  bargaining and Walker refused to negotiate, he refused to talk, so his extreme  position is one of those reasons he will be recalled.”

For Falk, it’s also no surprise that Walker will tie any Democratic  contender, herself included, to unions.

“I think he is going to label whoever his opponent is with those kinds of  what he believes are derogatory labels,” she said. “One of the reasons he is in  deep political trouble is because he labels those he disagrees with and  marginalizes them instead of working with them. He doesn’t talk to people, he  doesn’t negotiate with people, he doesn’t work with people he doesn’t agree  with. And you can’t be a leader that way.”

Falk slammed Walker for not publicly addressing the (John Doe) investigation and  questioned how a manager could possibly be unaware of what his closest aides  were up to during work hours.

“People are reserving final judgment as they ought to, but they are very  dismayed,” she told POLITICO. “They are very troubled by this cloud surrounding  Gov. Walker. It is very hard to understand because he has not publicly explained  how he could have been in his office as county executive literally feet from his  chosen staff, his high level ranking staff, who are accused of running a  political campaign to foster his political future literally within a stone’s  throw from his office without him knowing about it.”

“Or, if he didn’t know about it, what kind of manager does that make him?” she added. “No matter what angle you look at it from, people are very concerned  and he has not been forthcoming about what he knew or when he knew about it. I  am, like most people, disappointed and concerned about this cloud that hangs  over him and will be looking to what the district attorney finds next or whom  the district attorney charges next.”

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    February 25, 2012 1:19 PM

    This has been a message from the All-Pro-Kathleen Falk-All-The-Time Broadcasting Network. Please see your physician to determine whether your insulin or saccaharin intake needs to be adjusted after consuming. Syrup of Ipecac may also be advised.

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