Don Imus Calls Rush Limbaugh “An Insincere Pig”

Let us not forget that Dom Imus is a pig too.

….Don Imus and his producer laughed at ‘beating up faggots’, knocking over Jewish tombstones, setting ‘homeless bums’ on fire, coarsely talking about Anderson Cooper’s sex life, calling Obama a ‘colored man’, wishing that some sissy on “American Idol” would be the victim of a hate crime, and making a nasty comment about Rosie O’Donnell’s private parts.  This all falls under the guise of broadcast ‘entertainment’.

So when I heard today that Imus called Rush Limbaugh “an insincere pig” I had to make sure this was the same Imus that I find so horrible for his own on-air trash.



One thought on “Don Imus Calls Rush Limbaugh “An Insincere Pig”

  1. Gern Blanston, freelance malapropist

    God forbid one of these pigs should be insincere. Only Sincere Pigs allowed please!
    We have standards!

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