Rush Limbaugh Loses 12 Sponsors Such As Allstate, Sears And Kmart Voice Support For Boycott

Hot Damn!

The tally of advertisers who have pulled their spots from PREMIERE NETWORKS host RUSH LIMBAUGH’s show over his comments about law student/activist SANDRA FLUKE last week (NET NEWS 3/2) now stands at an even dozen, although it is presently unclear whether LIMBAUGH’s weekend apology (NET NEWS 3/3) will result in any returning advertisers or whether the advertising suspensions are permanent or temporary.

The list of advertisers pulling spots from LIMBAUGH’s show includes CALIFORNIA regional mattress chain SLEEP TRAIN and national advertisers QUICKEN LOANS, CITRIX (GOTOMYPC), SLEEP NUMBER, PROFLOWERS.COM, CARBONITE (which initially said it would hold off pulling its ads until its CEO spoke to LIMBAUGH), AOL, and LEGAL ZOOM.  QUICKEN LOANS’ sister CLEVELAND CAVALIERS have pulled spots from LIMBAUGH’s show on CLEAR CHANNEL Talk WTAM-A/CLEVELAND, which happens to be the team’s flagship station, according to WTAM, citing TALKING POINTS MEMO. Most recently, MICHAEL ROZBRUCH of TAX RESOLUTION SERVICES tweeted: “We have decided to join other advertisers and suspend our sponsorship of The RUSH LIMBAUGH Show.”

Those outraged by LIMBAUGH’s remarks continued throughout the day as two more advertisers tried to calm their TWITTER followers by begging off LIMBAUGH’s show. Clothing company BONOBOS became drop-out #10 by tweeting, “Looks like we were running on it, but we’ve told them to pull us from the show indefinitely. Thanks for letting us know!”

After being barraged by tweets on the matter, SEARS and KMART joined the boycott by responding,”SEARS and KMART did not intentionally advertise on the RUSH LIMBAUGH show. SEARS HOLDINGS has taken actions to ensure our ads do not run on this show. We appreciate our customers, fans and followers and thank you for your business.”

CNBC has reported that ALLSTATE is also pulling its ads off.

11 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Loses 12 Sponsors Such As Allstate, Sears And Kmart Voice Support For Boycott

  1. It is not becoming of you, or the standards that you claim to and are alleged to represent, to be so gleeful over someone else’s misfortune…At least Rush apologized and admitted that he had made a mistake.

    All members of the media, including you, should look at what happened there, and realize that there, but for your being infallible, go you …

  2. Rush made his apology only when the sponsors started to fall off his show. It was not hear-felt, given how, and when he made it. He never addressed his wanting to see the videotapes of the sex acts of this woman. He was covering his back end as fast as possible, and not doing a very good job of it.

    The only high ground in this episode is the opposite of which Limbaugh stands. Most of America is on the high side of the divide, and many have spoken out on this matter and moved corporations to take action. So yes, I along with a wide swath of this nation tonight is gleeful. It is not everyday that the average American is heard in the way we were today.

    You seem to think–or so it appears from your comment–that the remarks from Limbaugh were an accident, and the words just popped out without his thinking it over.

    Rush pulls this over and over with all sorts of issues on his show, though this time he crossed a line one does not cross in this nation. You can not call a woman a slut or worse and think there is no slab of wood to the head coming your way.

    Notice stand-up comics. They tackle every issue in the world, but there is a standard in the stand-up routines that never gets crossed. It is an unwritten rule.

    Rush is learning that lesson.

  3. And Gregory, your response means second of all, you haven’t done any background checking on the woman, and third of all you probably aren’t going to for fear of what you might find…or are you really going to look and report back what you find…………… age, background, occupation, innocence, etc…

  4. Hey Smokey,

    I have read several newspapers and their related content on the story, watched the news, heard the commentary—so like most others have the same information. It sounds like you know something else, or even are related or such—I only know her testimony and the news stories.

    So tell me more.

  5. jobi

    Men, we have mothers for crying out loud! How would you feel if your daughter, mother, sister called out. It is stupid. An educated fool, really, thats what you are, and it will come back to you and all that support you. Its not politics, we know how you think.

  6. Pharmer1

    It was not a good idea for Rush to denigrate sluts and prostitutes by comparing Ms. Sandra Fluke to them. Unlike Fluke, those ladies are not EXTORTING money from others for their services. For them it’s free market. Fluke has demanded money from the Catholic Church to fund what goes on in her reproductive tract. Rush has apologized for using those terms in connection with Fluke, saying that he momentarily descended to the level of leftists, (such as Bill Maher and Barack Obama.) Pharmer contends that he could not go that low.
    Remember that Barack Obama publicly called the grass roots conservatives of America “teabaggers”. Barack, from his vast store of lifetime experiences, knew exactly what that term meant when he used it. Bill Maher, who is a huge donor to the Obama campaign, has abused all of the conservative female candidates with false claims and impolite terms much less accurate than Rush used.

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