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Colon Cancer Screening Should Be 100% Covered By Insurance

March 21, 2012

I am a strong advocate for preventative medicine.  Not only does it save money, but more importantly it can reduce heartache over the early loss of a loved one.  I applaud those elected officials who understand that government policies should make a whole raft of screenings regarding health matters available and paid for–in one way or another–to the public so medical problems can be dealt with at an early stage.  This will allow for cost savings to insurance companies along with government programs.

Today I read a letter to a local online newspaper that makes a perfect pitch for colonoscopies in an effort to wage war on colon cancer.  While the writer is a son of a colon cancer survivor, I am quite the opposite.  Regardless of that fact the bottom line is we both share the desire to have people screened, and medical matters addressed in a timely fashion.

There is no acceptable counter-arguments to be allowed when it comes to having these tests available to everyone, given the information they provide, and the lives they save.  No one can refute the facts.

As I recently discovered, under the Walker-Kleefisch administration, many  residents of Wisconsin (public employees, retirees and their families) who had  100 percent coverage for screening (as Kleefisch as the future lieutenant  governor would have had under legislator husband’s insurance), no longer have  100 percent coverage.

People are not prone to get a colonoscopy even when 100 percent covered under  one’s insurance. When people are trying to get by on less income (due to the  Walker-Kleefisch pay cuts, including increased health care insurance premiums),  they will be less likely to get preventive care that they are not sure they  really need because what they will know is that the additional out-of-pocket  dollars will otherwise help pay for other needs as they work to get by on less  income.

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  1. Solly permalink
    March 26, 2012 9:45 PM

    Due to the Walker/Kleefisch admin. changes to state employe and retiree health plans, there’s now a 10% copay, and insurers such as Group Health (who also insure many other companies in SW Wis) are interpreting that to include colonoscopies in cases where there’s a family history or they found polyps in previous scopies. So, the people most susceptiple to cancer with now be charged $400 to 500 for this vital procedure. It’s hard enough to get people over their misconceptions to get this done. So let “Becky” pose for holy pictures while making it more expensive and less likely for people to get it done. Group Health can pay $500,000 for cancer treatment for the people whose cancer has advanced. Oh well, about as logical as the rest of the Walker administration’s initiatives. P.S. Obamacare says that preventive procedures such as colonoscopies should NOT have a copay, but Group Health in “interpreting” it differently. THAT should be investigated!!!!

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