Senator Ron Johnson’s Idea For Women Who Need Contraceptives

Hat Tip to James

Does anyone else hate the fact that all of Wisconsin gets smeared because of the lunacy that comes from one of our U.S. senators, Ron Johnson?

The latest embarrassment is all too typical of what we have come to expect from Johnson.

I’ve long been concerned about whether Ron Johnson, elected to the Senate in 2010, is really up to the job. After all, the Wisconsin Republican has argued that snow in Greenland is evidence of global cooling; he thinks “sunspot activity” is responsible for global warming; and at the height of the BP oil spill disaster, he said he’d sell his BP stock, just as soon as it was more profitable for him to do so.

This week, however, Johnson broke new ground, sharing his unique perspective on contraception access. Scott Keyes asked the far-right senator about the issue, and posted this startling clip.

One thought on “Senator Ron Johnson’s Idea For Women Who Need Contraceptives

  1. Cynthia

    Taking Sen. Johnson’s (Is he Big Johnson?) advice I Goggled “What if can’t afford birth control” and on the top of the first page is an advertisement for NuvaRing described as: “NuvaRing is a different form of birth control. It’s a flexible ring about 2” in diameter that you insert vaginally once a month. Once inside, NuvaRing releases a continuous low dose of hormones to prevent pregnancy.” This product offered by McKesson Corporation is obviously not free but they do offer a $15 coupon for 6 prescriptions. At the bottom of the page is another ad for something called Essure. With this product; two tiny plugs are inserted into the Fallopian tubes which supposed to prevent pregnancy. Also not free and requires a doctors office visit for the insertion procedure. Both of these products describe how to determine ones health insurance coverage. There is also an ad for Family Planning Associates which provides contraceptives and abortions also not free and probably not covered by most insurance providers. The rest of the page is a list of links to Sen. Johnson’s obnoxious statement.

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