‘Hottie’ Congressman Aaron Schock Used Campaign Funds For Workout DVD’s

Newt Gingrich should use some of his cash for the same program!

Republican Rep. Aaron Schock (Ill.), whose “musculature” and “body politic” garnered praise from Men’s Health in 2011, is being accused of using campaign funds to buy home workout DVDs.

Schock, 30, purchased the P90X “Extreme Home Fitness” DVDs during the 2010 election cycle and classified them as a “healthcare” expense.

The purchase was identified as campaign-related by mistake, and a later report was amended to reflect the error, Schock Chief of Staff Steve Shearer told The Associated Press.

He did not respond to requests for further comment by the time of this posting.

Melanie Sloan, of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), authored a report that claims his campaign did not change the total amount reimbursed to Schock on an amended form.

“Originally, P90X was listed as an itemization on what were included on the total. They took those out, left the total the same,” she told the AP.

“At some point, he realized the fitness tape was a problem and he amended the reports to take them out.”

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