Bob Schieffer’s Bright Blue Socks Get Two Thumbs Up On Face The Nation

I trust this post sounds objective, given my great appreciation over the many years for Bob Schieffer.

At the top let me again state I truly respect seasoned journalists who know the ways of Washington, and how to have a conversation with a newsmaker while at the same time gathering insight and news.  Bob Schieffer is one of the best at his job, and I hope that the new one-hour version of Face The Nation is a huge success.  That it took this long to make the show longer is the only question I have about the matter.

This morning while Schieffer was interviewing Vice-President Biden there were wide shots of the two men seated for the interview in Milwaukee.  It was then the bright blue socks of the long-time journalist were able to be seen by all.  They looked awesome!  Given the bright goldish carpet of the room where the interview took place only added to the popping effect of the socks.  I loved it!

As much as I like credible reporters I even more enjoy those who feel comfortable with color.  I am always drawn to the person who can mix it up with color, and make a statement with a bold tie and shirt combo, or as the case with Schieffer, add some zest to an otherwise conservative ensemble.

CP sends two thumbs up for not only the selection of guests for FTN, but also for the blue socks.

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