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More Proof UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez’s Comment About Alleged Victim Of Sexual Harassment Was Tasteless

April 10, 2012

I am sure that two stories in the Wisconsin State Journal were not lost on everyone this morning. In fact, I suspect they popped out for many who read the paper.

On page 2 we were informed that UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez finally apologized in a letter to a Dane County supervisor for what any 9-year-old would agree was a tasteless comment regarding an alleged victim of sexual harassment.

Dane County Supervisor Carousel Andrea Bayrd had objected to Alvarez’ comments in a March 21 article. In it, Alvarez questioned the validity of an allegation by a former Badgers football player who said he hid in a bathroom to avoid the advances of John Chadima, then a senior athletic official.

“Was that the accusation from a so-called ex-football player who had to lock himself in a closet to hide from John?” Alvarez said in the March article. “I would question a lot of what was said.”

Mocking the actions that a victim takes to stay safe is truly reprehensible.  Barry Alverez was rightly upbraided in the press and public for making such a statement.  Circling the wagons by UW sports officials to limit the blowback from the John Chadima affair was a cowardly way to act.

The ironic aspect to this was that on page 3 of today’s newspaper came a story of another alleged sexual assault  with the victim taking to a bathroom for safety.

Dannie Carter, 54, of Madison, allegedly came to a home in Sun Prairie on March 9 and told a 17-year-old girl that he would give her money if she performed the sex act, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

The girl told police that Carter also said he could “teach” her some things once her mother was away on a trip. After he made more sexually suggestive remarks, she told police, she locked herself in a bathroom and called her aunt, while Carter tried to open the door, the complaint states.

I am assuming that Barry Alverez is done chastising victims for taking measures to protect themselves.  Dane County Supervisor Bayrd makes the point for all who are victims in their need to feel safe, including the alleged victim of John Chadima.

Bayrd said she was disappointed by Alvarez’ comments, adding that it sends the message that victims who report will risk being made fun of.

“How dare Alvarez make fun of an alleged victim who, if telling the truth, kept his wits in a very dangerous situation and made the right decision to remove himself from trouble,” she wrote in a letter to Alvarez and interim Chancellor David Ward.

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  1. Solly permalink
    April 10, 2012 4:43 PM

    Barry Alverez is a schmuck. Read through the articles linked, do you notice how many vice-chancellors, deputy senior assistant athletic directors and other PR hacks (all who decline to comment) are embedded in the Athletic Department? UW, looking for somewhere to cut to meet Wanker’s $300 million in budget cuts? Start there. Then maybe you’ll have enuf money to buy Bret Bielema a cell phone so that he can participate in the investigation and not use recruiting as an excuse for not talking to the former judge conducting it because you’
    re out of town on a recruiting trip.

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