Why Permits Should Be Required To Have Children

This is the prefect example of why a permitting system should be established in order to have children.  

If this child is returned to this mother a full-out investigation should take place of the agency that deems the mother fit to be a guardian.  I have read lots of absolutely crazy things about pathetic parents, but this one seems needed for the top of the pile.

Though the child in this story is younger than school age, there is one other thought I wish to note.

As Madison seeks ways to close the achievement gaps in our schools we really need to look at what the home life is for the students we are tying to reach.  When one has a total failure for a parent what chance does a kid have in our public schools?

Tawanna S. Rhynes, 21, was charged Monday with first-degree reckless endangerment, child neglect, misdemeanor domestic battery and domestic disorderly conduct. She is also on probation for criminal trespass and theft, having been convicted of those crimes just two days before the April 18 incident that allegedly started outside Walgreens, 3710 E. Washington Ave.

According to a criminal complaint filed Monday, Rhynes was fighting with her boyfriend, Derrick Smith, in the parking lot, then was barred by employees from coming into the store to continue the fight.

According to the complaint:

Walgreens employee Benjamin Freilicher told police that Smith then started to walk across Stoughton Road, which at that point is multiple lanes in each direction, and that Rhynes ran across the street after him, holding a (two year old) child in one of her arms.

Freilicher told police that cars were braking to avoid Rhynes and the child, and once she reached the southbound lanes, she put the child down in the middle of the lane for right turns onto East Washington Avenue. He said he and a customer went out and got the child out of traffic.

All the while, Freilicher said, Rhynes continued to hit and kick Smith, who had fallen down.

Several witnesses said Rhynes appeared to be concerned only with beating Smith and ignored the child in the road.

One thought on “Why Permits Should Be Required To Have Children

  1. Solly

    I think we need a multi-million dollar pedestrian bridge over Stoughton Road. Then it can be not used, just like the one over East Wash, and the beltline. Larry Palm, are you listening?

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