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Reckless Statement By GOP Assemblyman Ed Brooks Makes It Sound Like Voter Fraud Is Rampant Among College Students

April 25, 2012

Following this posting I made contact with the newspaper which reported the story.  I spoke with the editor, and also sent a letter to the reporter–details here.

I have a serious problem with people who make broad general comments, and know damn well there is no justification whatsoever to the charges they make.

Such is the case with Wisconsin State Representative Ed Brooks, a Republican from Reedsburg.  There is no way anyone can take his following words about voting fraud as being credible.  

Brooks said election fraud in Wisconsin is likely more common than many people think. He said transient college students scam the system and vote multiple times from separate addresses.

There is no proof offered to this crazy rhetoric, any more than there was foundation to the tortured ramblings of Joe McCarthy at the height of the Cold War.  If pressed to the wall this 70-year-old Republican would be forced to admit that he was talking out his backside.  Problem is the timid media in Brook’s district fail to hold him accountable.

Over and over Wisconsin Republicans trot out pure bunk to somehow justify their sloppy actions when forcing the voter ID law down our throats.  Just like what Brooks has done, the GOP spouts lies to attempt to rationalize their law that the courts have put on hold, and placed under judicial review. 

The problem for Brooks is that no evidence exists to support his lunacy.

No election officials, or poll workers are standing alongside Brooks and seconding his statement.  There are no cases in Wisconsin to support his slandering of college students.   He knows better, and yet makes such statements.

As a member of St. Johns Lutheran Church one might think Brooks would have a better relationship to the truth.  One might think that—but one would clearly be wrong.

Representative Brooks may pull something like this out of his backside in the GOP caucus while at the Capitol, and somehow score points.  After all, there is not a lot required to make that crowd stand on their hind legs and howl.  But in the world of sunshine and accountability (where the rest of us reside) there has to be more than  cheap rhetoric.  

So here is the deal for Representative Ed Brooks.

Put up–or shut up.

Show everyone the stacks of names of those college students who are scamming the election system.  Show us the legal challenge to them.  Let us know where they voted, in which elections, and the court evidence to support your statement.

Or head back to the  farm and continue to play in the manure pit where you seem right at home.

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  1. donlafferty permalink
    April 26, 2012 5:51 PM

    “I also note your comment and wonder why you think it proper to comment as you have in the past that ” Islam believes in killing infidels” which is pure uneducated crap, but then you want me to to limit or admonish babe!”

    Please show me where I said this. You can’t because I didn’t.

    “Furthermore, Don, I find it laughable that your only comment here is about another who added a comment, and not to the shameful tactics of one your fellow Republicans.”

    And again a broad brush. Where have I ever said I was a Republican? I haven’t, because I’m not.

    Come on Deke, at least get the things you write straight.

    “I have a serious problem with people who make broad general comments, and know damn well there is no justification whatsoever to the charges they make.”

    And let’s examine your statement that caused me to say what I said. Nowhere in that statement did you say anything about “elected” or “published”. You said you have a serious problem with people making broad general comments. I suspect badgerbabe is a person unless you have information I’m not privy to. 😉

    At least be honest in your posts and comments, that’s all I ask.

    I had no problem with what she said but the fact you didn’t either after saying you disliked broad brush comments seemed disingenuous.

  2. April 26, 2012 5:10 PM


    I had no problem with your comment at all. I was pleased you wrote so strongly in support of what I had to say. I hope you keep reading and when inclined will comment. Please say it as you feel it. Again, thanks for the original comment.

  3. April 26, 2012 4:06 PM


    I’m absolutely amazed a comment meant to praise your posting has been interpreted as being an insult! As someone who has been reading your blog for some time, I don’t always agree with what you write. But as someone who also has longtime media credentials (as a someone who worked as a reporter/editor for a couple of decades and has some broadcasting in my background), I admire the thoughtful way you present your views. My comment was meant to PRAISE what I thought was a well-written blog posting. Honest! Cross my heart and point to the nearest church!

    Information in one of your postings is indeed correct — I’m not elected to any public office. My husband and I are part of the unwashed masses of Wisconsin who pick up the tab for politicians who would rather serve themselves than the wonderful people of this fabulous state. (I AM a native of Wisconsin — hence my screen name.)

    Assuming I continue to be a “target” of this person, here’s another piece of info on which he can chew: I don’t like what’s going on with our state government these days. And the rank-and-file employees aren’t the problem. It’s folks who use Joe McCarthy’s tactics — or think government should be serving the highest bidder. If that makes me a Dirty Liberal, so be it.

    As someone who has followed the various strings, the person who decided to take a couple of swipes at me is someone who seems to have a history of being ascorbic to the point of being offensive. I’m a little too old to want to get into a flame war, and I’d rather direct my energy to other matters than exchanging verbal bon mots with someone who has mastered the technique of being disagreeable and who would rather be extreme Right than actually engage in a reasonable and civilized exchange of ideas — you know, the basis of a democratic-republican form of government.

    (No offense taken if you choose not to post this. But it’s difficult to stand by while others who really don’t know who I am assign motives to me that just aren’t there. Again, my statement was meant to praise you, not to damn you or any political persuasion. You have my solemn promise that I’ll be a bit more thoughtful in the future before posting again.)

  4. jimri permalink
    April 26, 2012 3:16 PM

    you: “There’s a million children going to bed hungry every night in the world.”
    me: “Oh yeah? What are there names?”
    you: “Um, I don’t actually have a list of their names, but-”
    me: “See, there’s no one hungry after all! And you belong in a manure pit.”

    Let’s see, if there are 40,000 people at U/W-Madison, and 1/2 came from out of state, how many of those transplants do you think voted in Wisconsin in the last election? And then, how many of THOSE, in compliance with Wisconsin law (Chapter 343), turned around and surrendered their out-of-state license at the DMV and purchased a Wisconsin license, as all who are assuming WI residency are required to (except non-drivers)? I’d say just about zero. Because they didn’t want to, you know, actually become residents, just say they were one for voting purposes. Of course, voting without assuming residency is not something you think is voter fraud, because there isn’t any of that.

  5. April 26, 2012 2:56 PM

    Furthermore, Don, I find it laughable that your only comment here is about another who added a comment, and not to the shameful tactics of one your fellow Republicans.

    That says perhaps more than anything you might have written.

  6. April 26, 2012 2:42 PM

    Last time I checked Badgerbabe was not elected to office, and not making her comments in a newspaper. This is a blog, and not a journalistic spot on the internet. There are different rules of conduct. That is not an out, just a fact.

    I also note your comment and wonder why you think it proper to comment as you have in the past that ” Islam believes in killing infidels” which is pure uneducated crap, but then you want me to to limit or admonish babe!


  7. donlafferty permalink
    April 26, 2012 2:26 PM

    So Deke, are you going to challenge BadgerBabe about this comment? “They all like to spew venom and outright lies because they KNOW they won’t be challenged”

    That sounds to me like a broad brush statement yet you didn’t say a word about it.

    I suspect I could find countless examples of this in your blog and in your comments but you only take offense when it’s a Conservative using the broad brush.

  8. CommonCents permalink
    April 25, 2012 5:14 PM

    Great post. If Rep. Brooks claim is true, why isn’t Attorney General Van Hollen prosecuting all the students committing fraud. That’s what he should be doing, if he is truly concerned about voter fraud, as he claims. Instead, he’s working to make it more difficult for honest people to vote.

  9. April 25, 2012 4:38 PM

    The original posting is absolutely BRILLIANT! It says what can be said about Walker and the Fitzgerald Boys and Grothmann and other Tea Party types. They all like to spew venom and outright lies because they KNOW they won’t be challenged — or the truth comes out much later. And a diffident electorate prefers NOT to put 2 + 2 together or is just so tired by all the ugly rhetoric that they close down.

    Any THINKING person who has followed this issue knows there have been 2 kinds of fraud in Wisconsin: where a clerk and/or poll worker inadvertently gives out an incorrect ballot (an honest mistake when you think how many ballot permutations there are) — and there have been prosecutions where folks who live in one location or state think they have the “right” to vote in the community where they own vacation property. There was just such a prosecution involving someone from Illinois coming up to Wisconsin not that long ago.

    Back to Lies as Political Strategy-Wisconsin Version: Walker is claiming he’s saved state taxpayers “billions” through his union busting. If that’s the case, I wonder when federal prosecutors will go after him. Under oath — and skillful questioning by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich — Walker begrudgingly admitted the union busting didn’t save any money. And then there’s the “millions” of dollars of damage caused by Capitol protesters that turned out to be substantially less — in the $200,000 range. The truth was reported — eventually. But not close enough to make a huge stop in public consciousness.

    Bravo for holding this petty politician accountable. We can only pray the folks who voted for this fool will do the same.

  10. Solly permalink
    April 25, 2012 4:15 PM

    Is it any wonder? The students and their parents are obviously snobs if they want them to get a college education. Is fraud surprising? Reminds me of Sen. Joe “Lipbalm” Liebham and Rep. Jeff Stone posing for holy pictures in front of a house where a student supposedly had voted in two states. Turned out the kid was a seminarian in Illinois and didn’t vote twice, but I don’t think Lipbalm and Stone had the stones to apologize, after all, the picture was in the paper, that’s all they cared about. Why didn’t Bush’s U.S. Atty or JB Von Hollen prosecute more cases if it’s such a dastardly problem?

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