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Republican Senator Lugar Faces Defeat In Indiana Primary, Nation Will Lose If It Happens

April 28, 2012

There is a most sad political ending coming for U.S. Senator  Richard Lugar.  It is looking more and more likely that the Republican lawmaker will not win his primary election in early May.

That this defeat is coming his way is not only bad for this long-time serving leader, but also ill-serves the nation at a time when thoughtful moderate Republicans are in short supply. 

Senator Lugar is the type of Republican who has put the nation ahead of party politics.  That he is known to be a fair player, and an intelligent member of the senate makes his coming defeat all the more problematic for the nation as a whole.  This nation needs more men and women with institutional memory, and a clear sense that what is best for the nation is always more important than what is best for the party.

Caffeinated Politics takes a clear line about the issues of the day, and being a liberal this blog mostly lands on the side of  Democratic causes, and politicians.  Having stated the obvious it might strike some as strange that I find it a real mistake should the voters of Indiana decide to act, as all the polling data suggests they will, and remove Lugar from office.

At the end of the day I care about government working, and making sure that the best minds, and the most skillful at legislating are elected.  I have never been reluctant to embrace those Republicans who stepped up and proved, even though we differed on the issues, an understanding about the higher needs and ideals we share as Americans.

That was what I always found to be true with Senator Lugar.  That was one reason I supported his campaign for president.

There are always younger and more strident ones who wish to be elected.  But there is much to be said for the road-tested, and proven ones who have met the trials and performed for the people they took an oath to represent.

Senator Lugar faced harsh news this week  as the American Action Network pulled out of the Indiana GOP Senate primary, dropping its efforts on behalf of the embattled candidate.  That pretty much sums up what all the polls are saying about this race.

When this primary is over I wonder how many of the young conservative red-meat eaters will understand they helped to make another huge blunder for the Republican Party.  Even though there is a good chance Lugar’s challenger, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock will win in November, the longer term needs of the party, and the nation are injured.  Having another harsh, ill-informed, and loud talker is not the way to address the needs of the nation, nor govern effectively when so many huge items fill the agenda. 

In time, and I suggest not so far into the future, voters will better come to understand that Lugar was an asset to the GOP, as a strong, independent minded, thoughtful politician who made his way in Washington with integrity and courtesy. 

But then it will be too late. 

For Indiana, and America.

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