Scott Walker Taken To Woodshed By Milwaukee Journal Sentinel For Taking Eyes Off Ball With Job Creation

I want to note this week I posted–in part–the following about the lack of job creation from the Scott Walker administration.

What is needed in this state is a political climate that allows for compromise aimed at taking steps that moves our people forward, as opposed to partisan power plays that are designed to increase a person’s name ID, or a political party’s chances in the next election.

There is no reason that our state politicians did not find the resolve to have both a venture capital bill, and the mining issue land on Governor Walker’s desk. If there had been better relations from the East Wing, and less partisan sniping from the two parties this state could have had two very important issues resolved. Two issues that would have made a positive difference for the state’s economy in the years to come. Issues that would in time impact job creation.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has joined the chorus with a stinging editorial that takes Scott Walker to task for taking his eyes off the ball when it comes to job creation.  This editorial bites right where it should—in Scott Walker’s East Wing office!

Certainly, Gov. Scott Walker is responsible for politicizing job creation in Wisconsin – and then taking his eye off the ball as his fellow Republicans embarked on fulfilling a conservative wish list ranging from concealed carry to the castle doctrine to voter ID. But is Walker responsible for the state’s dreary job numbers? And is any politician really capable of creating significant job growth?

Walker made a promise over which he had little control – essentially he was betting on the come – by pledging that Wisconsin would create 250,000 new private-sector jobs during his first term. That may have been a political mistake.

Walker seems to believe the magical thinking that Wisconsin can recruit businesses from other states. This approach has seldom worked for the Badger State. It is far better to create incentives and capital pools for start-up businesses. But the centerpiece of that effort – a bill to jump-start venture capital – flopped because Walker couldn’t persuade his own party to abandon a risky version of the bill in the Assembly last year. Another centerpiece initiative – to loosen mining regulation – did too little to protect the environment and couldn’t achieve bipartisan support. Republicans thought they could ram it through without proper input. They were wrong. We suspect former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson would have found a way to get both bills passed.

Walker’s Republican colleagues in the Legislature did find time for voter ID, promoting abstinence in the place of comprehensive sex education and other issues that play well with social conservatives. But their lack of political discipline was disappointing at a time when the state needs smart strategic thinking and execution and to maintain a laserlike focus on the main problem the state has: a lack of jobs.

Like we said: The eyes came off the ball.

5 thoughts on “Scott Walker Taken To Woodshed By Milwaukee Journal Sentinel For Taking Eyes Off Ball With Job Creation

  1. windy33

    well said. it’s about time some one put the blame right where it belongs. and it is about time the paper and all of the news media start putting out the truth in detail where it belongs for everyone to see. right now all they are getting is walkers and the koch brothers lies. he keeppps talking about all the out of state big union bosses money that is filtering in here. well where are the commercials. the only ones out there for months now have been the ones the kich brothers are puttingout there. so where is all the union money if this is true. where are all the commercials.

  2. skip1930

    And the solution to our issues here in Wisconsin is what? Raise taxes? Did that in 2009 under Doyle. Held us so so over for the two years, sort of. WI was still left with 3Billion deficit for the next cycle. Raise taxes again?

    See Illinois and their $34 Billion long term debt and current 9 Billion deficit despite raising taxes at the start of their last budget cycle (same as WI) Some even predict the IL pension system will be broke within 10 yrs. That clearly is not working.

    One can not tax your way out of this. Raise taxes more and even if the U.S. economy actually improves, we won’t see WI take part in that recovery. Might even start to see more people simply move out of the state to avoid the high cost of living and taxes (already see that with the retirees).

    Sure, WI has not gained jobs as much as wished. Think the uncertainty with the recalls has any effect on this? I do. And many business executives do to. They are going to sit back and wait for a more certain business climate before making any big capital investments. Only makes sense.

    Have to make it more attractive to do business here in WI…even more than Walker has already. Reinstating the collective bargaining, raising taxes, and demanding even more from the taxpayers and businesses will help how? And, exactly which of Walkers policies has been bad for business…other than the beer distribution policy?


  3. Patrick

    The real question is what could Tom Barrett do to create jobs–or Falk, for that matter. Barrett, at least, is presiding over the sector of the state which has lost the most jobs. His great idea is to create a choo-choo that runs on a two-mile circle and destroys all the parking businesses use. Despite the JS lefty position and biased representation of reality, Walker has worked tirelessly against democratic obstructionists. I hope the public looks carefully at the alternatives here. One thing is increasingly clear, this recall has nothing to do with Act 10 and people are starting to wonder what the heck this is all about.

  4. skip1930

    The only reason jobs are down is because confusion and uncertainly over the recall has employer’s scared of what’s happening next. You can’t hire anybody if you don’t know if your staying in this state. Or what regulation and taxes will take.

    And for that we have the liberals and Democrats and Rhyno’s and Independants to thank for.


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