Wisconsin Unions Make Front Page (Above The Fold) In Sunday New York Times

With a by-line from Green Bay comes one of those must reads in the Sunday papers.

“Recall Walker” bumper stickers dotted the workers’ parking lot at the Georgia Pacific paper mill on Day Street here one recent afternoon, proof of their union’s role in the effort to oust Gov. Scott Walkerfrom office early for his legislation limiting public employees’ bargaining rights.

But among the largest donors to Mr. Walker and his cause are the plant’s owners, the billionaire industrialists Charles G. and David H. Koch, the latter of whom has said of the recall election to be held in June, “If the unions win the recall, there will be no stopping union power.”

The recall vote here has been billed as a critical test of labor muscle versus corporate money. But it is only a warm-up for a confrontation that will play out during the presidential election, which both sides view as the biggest political showdown in at least 30 years between pro- and anti-union forces — a labor-management fight writ large.

Perhaps the best line in the article comes from Scott Walker—and it reminds me of South Parks Officer Barbrady’s famed line ”Nothing To See Here Folks”.


In an interview, Mr. Walker called that a “bogus argument,” saying he has no plans to pursue right-to-work legislation, as private sector unions have feared. Such legislation lets employees at unionized workplaces opt out of paying union fees.

One thought on “Wisconsin Unions Make Front Page (Above The Fold) In Sunday New York Times

  1. Patrick

    Walker has said over and over that he has no intent regarding private sector unions. If those people are stupid enough to want a union, they get what they deserve.

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