Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance Program Makes For A Smile

I do not own stock in Volkswagen, nor paid to do PR work for them.  But I am mighty pleased to again shine a light on what I think is one amazing car company.  When I am treated right, and some one makes a positive impression I feel some sense of duty to highlight it so others will also know where quality can be found.

Today I took my car (purchased in Jan 2011) for an overall check up to make sure tires and belts and battery were all as they should be.  Since the car only has 8,400 miles I asked the service manager about the need for an oil change, which is due every 10,000 miles.

He told me that it would be a good time for an oil change.  In the office when he added the oil change to the original reason I was in for service I asked for an estimate.  He smiled, looked back and me, and said “there is no charge”. 

“But I am having my tires rotated,” I reminded him, and as much indicated that there must be some financial transaction that needed to take place.

It was then he told me that the Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance plan covers any new car bought from 2009 or since, and at 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 miles the oil change and filter, along with the entire checkup including tire rotation, battery check, topping fluids, etc are performed at no cost.

When buying my new car I must have been told all this, but since VW’s are so well constructed and reliable I have not had any reason to think about maintenance, or re-read that portion of the car manual which I covered after the purchase.

Walking out of the service garage with as much money in my checking account as when I arrived, and knowing this will happen for the next couple years for the same service is just another reason I love Volkswagen.

I was reminded upon leaving the dealership today that the last time I was in for an oil change with my previous car I started looking on the lot, and bought a new one that same afternoon.  It was a most unexpected and impromptu purchase that was unlike anything I had ever done before.  That made smiles for Zimbrick in early 2011, and seems to still make for a good story among the guys working there now.

Bottom line for anyone thinking of a new car purchase–take it from one who has driven several VW’s since 2003—there is no more solid build or dependable and comfortable drive than what can be found with a Volkswagen.

And then there are those oil changes that will make you smile.

Volkswagen has every reason to believe it can be the top car company in the world.

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