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Alice Roosevelt Longworth: A Rare Recording of Her Voice

May 15, 2012

In a recent post about Thomas Mallon’s Watergate: A Novel I made mention of the beloved old crone of a character, Alice Roosevelt Longworth.  She has made for many an interesting story in her lifetime, and Mallon had pure fun with her in his book.

I tried to find some footage of her on You Tube and could only locate a rare recording of her voice.  It intrigued me–and that was good enough reason to post it on my blog.  Thanks for photo and video to Carl Anthony.

Please note the writing on the pillow–marvelous!

  1. February 15, 2013 7:13 AM

    Of course, I am a great admirer of Alice Longworth’s – as well as someone like yourself who has done so much work here. Believe me I know what it takes. Along those lines, I only started this past fall in finally placing my watermark for my website on any original photographs which I own and which I have scanned, corrected, cropped and captioned. Which means I did not watermark the Alice Roosevelt Longworth picture above which you used. The idea of going back and watermarking any original images I’ve scanned and used on my website is daunting; I will get to it eventually. And you may have found the image on some other website where someone else has used it and not attributed it to me. I also know all too well that it has become impossible to know where every image started from. Would you mind just crediting my website for the above picture? (I also made the video with the only known recording of Alice Longworth’s voice from a collection of audio files from old reel-to-reel taps), newsreels etc. I have amassed – but that was on youtube publicly and does not require credit line. Thanks very much. Carl Anthony from


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