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Democratic National Committee Should Hang Head In Shame Regarding Wisconsin Recall Election

May 16, 2012

This is absurd.

Let us just establish some facts first before we get to the story that is really quite galling.

Scott Walker  has dramatically outraised Tom Barrett and Republicans are outgunning them on the airwaves.  As a result Democrats in Wisconsin want more cash.  Like yesterday!

Walker has raised more than $25 million since January 2011 to defend his seat, and has spent more than $20 million, according to data compiled by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. By contrast, Barrett, who was a late entry into the contest–and the loser to Walker in 2010–won the primary last week — has raised only $832,000 by the end of the April reporting period, and spent $809,000.

This is not sustainable for a campaign.


Top Wisconsin Democrats are furious with the national party — and the Democratic National Committee in particular — for refusing their request for a major investment in the battle to recall Scott Walker, I’m told.

The failure to put up the money Wisconsin Dems need to execute their recall plan comes at a time when the national Republican Party is sinking big money into defending Walker, raising fears that the DNC’s reluctance could help tip the race his way.

“We are frustrated by the lack of support from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association,” a top Wisconsin Democratic Party official tells me. “Scott Walker has the full support and backing of the Republican Party and all its tentacles. We are not getting similar support.”

“Considering that Scott Walker has already spent $30 million and we’re even in the polls, this is a winnable race,” the Wisconsin Dem continues. “We can get outspent two to one or five to one. We can’t get spent 20 to one.”

According to the Wisconsin Dem, the party has asked the DNC for $500,000 to help with its massive field operation. While the DNC has made generally supportive noises, the money has not been forthcoming, the official says — with less than a month until the June 5th recall election. The DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

  1. May 18, 2012 8:39 AM

    Yes, DNC please send Deb Wasserman Schultz up for a fundraiser on June 4th. She is always great for a couple of laughs and a post or two to my blog. The DNC would be better off sending “An Evening with Groucho” star Frank Ferrante if they want to be taken anywhere near seriously.

  2. jwayne permalink
    May 17, 2012 8:50 AM

    What this shows in that the DNC knew from the start this was a stupid and childish act by the Democrats in this state. Good to see there is so common sense left in that party.

  3. Solly permalink
    May 16, 2012 11:59 PM

    Wow, late word that Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC is coming to Wisconsin “this month” for a fundraiser. June 4th might be a good day. So you’re coming to tell us to contribute. I think we can figure that out by ourselves. By then it will be too late. Are you also going to bill us for your travel expenses? DWS, while head of the DCCC wasn’t helpful to several challengers in Florida to Republican buddies of hers a couple of cycles ago, like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, because you know, they were friends. Maybe at the end she got shamed into it. Wonderful leadership. Third party anyone?

  4. Solly permalink
    May 16, 2012 8:14 PM

    One thing you have to give the Repugnants credit for, is that they realize an opportunity, and are willing to spend the money to achieve it. The DNC should have been pumping money into wisconsin on a GOTV drive since the petitions were certified. Every student in the state should have been contacted before they leave for the semester, to vote absentee. The outreach to the minority community should be in high gear by now. (both were criticisms of the Barrett/Dem effort in 2010 – I know, I got the call to knock on doors at 6 p.m. election night in Green Bay to get out the vote because Madison/Milw wasn’t coming in like they should). All I see is a bunch of lying Wanker ads. And I get some robocalls from Barrett. DNC, take that money you’re sitting on and wipe your butt with it. And Obama, how do you think you’re going to win a demoralized Wisconsin in Nov, if we lose in June? Every dollar you sink here today will lay the groundwork for later. Or, are you still looking for those “comfortable shoes” to support labor?

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