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Latest Poll Finds Scott Walker Leading Tom Barrett By 4 Points

May 16, 2012

UPDATE with Walker holding 6% lead over Barrett.

If the recall election had been held 6 months ago there would have been every reason to think Scott Walker would have been recalled.    But as with everything there is a shelf-life, and that pertains to political anger as well as the milk in the refrigerator.

I have felt for some time that the level of angst and outrage, though high and seething in some quarters, has diminished to some extent across the state and will impact the final decision on June 5th.  I was not amused by the turnout for the Democratic primary, and think this is a symptom of being on the other side of the mountain heading downwards.

The latest poll conducted by Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling has a result that can not lend itself to high-fives from the Tom Barrett crowd.   Scott Walker leads Tom Barrett in the race to recall him from office, 49% to 45%.

While there is no way to defend the actions of Walker, and no way to rationalize the policy of attacking unions and their members, the fact is that with three weeks to go more and more evidence suggests that Democrats have a mighty struggle to face.

Granted recalls are hard to wage, and are designed that way for a reason.  But with everything that Walker has done to the state there should be at this point a stronger showing in polls to underscore all the anger among the electorate. 

Unless the angst is not as high for as many as it once was.

And that would be perfect news for Walker.

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  1. skip1930 permalink
    May 17, 2012 6:29 AM

    I’m thinking Walker will once again win over Barrett with an equal or greater margin than ever before. Is Walker going to get 60% ? No but it will be impressive.


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