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“Sheldon” Is At Middleton Public Library

May 16, 2012

Just mention the name Sheldon and my head turns anticipating a laugh.  

As an ardent fan of The Big Bang Theory, and never missing a Thursday night with my favorite geeks, I found myself  smiling over the latest newsletter from the Middleton Public Library. 

There’s a new feature at the Middleton Public Library that utilizes today’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to improve circulation services. Library patrons can view the system in action from the window in the front entry, near the book drop.

Installed mid-March, the system is referred to as an Automated Materials Handling System (AMHS) and uses RFID along with two conveyor belts positioned at each book drop, to checkin and sort library items. The most important benefit for library users to know is that check-in response time is quicker, even instant for the majority of returned items.

Middleton’s Library Staff has named its system “Sheldon” after Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist from the TV series The Big Bang Theory. “Bazinga!”


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