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If ‘Godly’ Scott Walker Can Just Boost Tom Barrett’s Negatives……

May 17, 2012

Since Scott Walker can not run a positive campaign based on his own uplifting view of Wisconsin he must run a barrage of ads tearing down Tom Barrett.

That is one way to run a campaign, and as many a contest around the nation has proved over the years it works.  Lets face it, the electorate is mighty gullible.   Maybe Wisconsin deserves Scott Walker.

But is not Scott Walker the self-righteous Christian who touts family values?  Should we not then expect Walker to play to a higher sense of right-and-wrong?  If we Democrats are the broken and aimless, should it not be men like Walker to set a more noble example of how to live–or in this case campaign?

Republicans began targeting Barrett in their ads even before the Democratic Primary. That helps explain why Barrett’s “negatives” – measured by the share of voters who view him unfavorably – have climbed in the past couple of months, and why Barrett seems to have gotten no “bounce” out of a resounding victory in the May 8 Democratic primary.

In PPP’s polls, the share of voters who view Barrett favorably has stayed roughly the same since February (41% then and 43% now). But the share that views him unfavorably has climbed from 33% in February to 46% today.

In the Marquette polls, the trend is more pronounced. Barrett’s positive rating has risen slightly from 34% in January to 37% in May, but his negative rating has shot up from 27% to 45%. In both polls he has gone from having a net positive rating (more people view him favorably than view him unfavorably) to a net negative rating.

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