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Another Birther Scandal—This Time With Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn!

May 19, 2012

Will Donald Trump be issuing a press release this afternoon?  Will Rush Limbaugh spend the bulk of his time Monday during his radio show on this latest brither eruption?

Will the Grand Ole Opry need to place black bunting along the stage for tonight’s presentation of America’s longest running radio show?

Will truly insane Congressman Allen West do flip-flops on the way to a microphone to denounce this latest travesty with a birth record?

After all the meanness aimed at President Obama concerning the place of his birth, and due only to the fact he is a black man, comes this light-hearted story about the country legend we all love.

Country music legend Loretta Lynn is three years older than she has led people to believe, an age change that undermines the story she told of being married at 13 in “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” documents obtained by The Associated Press show.

Lynn’s birth certificate on file at the state Office of Vital Statistics in Frankfort, Ky., shows that Loretta Webb was born on April 14, 1932, in Johnson County, Kentucky. That makes her 80 years old, not 77.

Also on file is her marriage license and two affidavits from her mother, Clara Marie Ramey, and S.W. Ward Jr., no relation to the family, listing the same birthdate.

The records weren’t filed until 1965, which meant that Lynn needed multiple documents to prove her age at that time. Lynn’s signature appears on the document as Loretta Webb Lynn.

Melvin Webb lists his daughter “Loretta” as 7 years old for the 1940 Census, according to a digital copy on file at the Kentucky Historical Society. Lynn’s marriage license, obtained by the AP from the Johnson County clerk’s office lists her as 15 on Jan. 10, 1948.

In “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” the autobiography that became an Academy Award-winning film, Lynn told a different story. She said she was married at 13 and was a mother of four by 18. Most books and public references to Lynn list her current age as 77.

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