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Grant Turner Honored At Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame

May 19, 2012

There is one voice that continues to stand out in my memory from the broadcasting end of the weekly show which aired over WSM from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  I am always able to recall the friendly, professional, and gracious voice of Grant Turner.  He was the one person I would have loved to meet other than the performers on stage. 

I wrote of Turner in 2007.

His voice and pleasant conversational style was one of the reasons I had my radio tuned often to AM 650 as a teenager. On the weekends he would introduce the host of the half hour (or quarter hour portion) of the Grand Ole Opry. In between the music he would read the advertising scripts for the many products that were colorful and nostalgic. Today most of us hate commercials, but Grant Turner made the ads fun. In fact, the Grand Ole Opry ads were a part of the show, and still are.

I am pleased that another honor has now landed for  Grant Turner, and there is no doubt he is most worthy.

Grand Ole Opry stalwart Grant Turner is among the first voices being inducted into the newly formed Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame.

The class inducted in Murfreesboro also includes Wink Martindale, whose radio career began in his native Jackson and went on to TV game shows.

Sportscasters Larry Munson, John Ward and Lindsey Nelson; engineers Jack DeWitt and Bill Barry; country radio personalities Ralph Emery and Gerry House; and rock radio personality Scott Shannon are also in the inaugural class.

So is Luther Masingill, known to generations of Chattanooga listeners as simply “Luther.”

Late-night rhythm and blues personalities William T. “Hoss” Allen and John “John R.” Richbourg round out the list.

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