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Bob Schieffer Speaks Out On “Broken” Political System

May 20, 2012

The wise man speaks.

In an ultimately uplifting speech, the longtime CBS News reporter and current moderator of “Face the Nation” did not shy away from offering his personal opinions about our “broken” political system, which, he said, has reached a state of unbreakable gridlock.

“There’s something wrong,” Schieffer said, “when this much money has become the overpowering force in our politics.”

He spoke about the skyrocketing price of campaigns — “Obama and Mitt Romney are both planning to spend about a billion dollars each” — and how the flood of money has made compromise between the parties that much harder. People who work on campaigns, he said, now find themselves “ashamed” at the end of their runs, rather than “happy or sad for what has happened.”

“There’s no penalty anymore for the dirty campaigning,” he told the graduates. “In the old days, people on the losing side had to go back and live in their communities. But now those consultants don’t have to live with their loss.”

If you read this far and want a Wisconsin perspective on why I think Bob Schieffer  is correct please click here.

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