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My Own Unscientific Poll About Recall Election For Scott Walker

May 20, 2012

My Dad, Royce, always found it easy to chat with people who were out and about.  He could strike up a conversation as easily with a stranger at McDonald’s as he could with a family member.  I think my ease with chit-chat comes from seeing it happen so often over my early years that I now find it just a part of my routine.

Which brings me to the ‘poll’ that I have been conducting for the last year regarding the hottest topic in the Badger State.

The latest stat to add to the others happened today at a shoe store outside Madison.  After finishing the selection of a pair of shoes the young man asked “will there be anything else?’

I added, “I sure would like a new governor.”

Without missing a beat he looked at me, grinned, and said, “me too.”

When the opening has presented itself  in restaurants, check out lines in grocery stores or service stations, or getting my cholesterol checked I have thrown my line out for a reaction.  No matter where I have been this past year around the state I have posed the idea, and waited for a response.

It has been my personal way of getting a feeling for the mood of the voter, and sensing how deep the feelings are across the state regarding Scott Walker.

From places likes Eau Claire, Tomah, Milwaukee, Stevens Point, Lone Rock, Hancock and others the nods and verbal support for the idea of removing Scott Walker has been over 90%.  There were probably an equal number of men and women, but clearly more middle-aged people than college-aged who I spoke with.

In Madison I was struck by the sincerity from a woman in her early 20’s working in the fast-food industry.  After bringing the food to James and myself she asked if there was anything else we needed, and I offered her my reply.

It was before the Democratic primary and she was still gauging the candidates, trying to determine who best could deliver the most votes to take out Walker.  She spoke about education dollars along with schooling, and wanted Wisconsin to be less divided.

Last fall in Waushara County a woman in a service station told me that the actions of Walker were splitting everyone apart.  She told me a little coffee klatch could lead to real hard feelings if the topic turned to collective bargaining.  Over and over I found the fact Wisconsin was being needlessly divided a most important reason for others disliking Walker.

I was not hearing anything that we all have not heard endlessly this past year from news reports and newspaper articles.  But the thing that I reflect on about my sampling is that these folks who are staffing the grocery store lines and service stations are the ‘real faces’ of Wisconsin. 

They are not ones who play golf at the country clubs or have their taxes done by those who find all the loopholes.  Instead the citizens I  chatted with over the past year are the ones who fight to stay above water by working hard and playing by the rules.  They expect their elected officials to do the same. 

If these are the types of voters who show up on June 5th in the numbers that some predict then there will indeed be a change in leadership at the Capitol.

Finally, I need to add that my Dad would have loved this recall election.  In 2000 after the ‘election’ of George Bush my father left the Republican Party after being a Goldwater, Nixon, and Reagan type voter.  He even requested I bring up lawn signs for Democrats to be placed on his property.   This will be the first big election since he passed away, and I will miss what was always our Election Day chat in the late afternoon to size up what we thought was happening.

But Dad would be pleased to know I was chatting with others and carrying on the art of good conversation.   I also know he would be very pleased about the results of my unscientific poll.

  1. Patrick permalink
    May 22, 2012 8:35 PM

    Dave, by challenging the premise that deke is actually talking to real wisconsinites I was addressing the substance of the post, I thought. You’ll note that in one sentence he says they are not the ones who play golf; then in the next he says they are the ones who play by the rules. Clearly, the intent of the comment is to distinguish between the two groups. His suggestion that one group–those who play golf at the country clubs–does not play by the rules is not a tangent. I hope this clarifies things for you.

    I would also add–obviously–that deke’s haunting grounds are much different than one might find in Washington County, for example. Thus, his search for some sort of zeitgeist is really only about making himself feel better. I think he would admit this is not his most provocative analysis; I just think he should be much more careful about his use of language.

  2. Dave permalink
    May 22, 2012 6:54 AM

    Hey Patrick, Nothing “snobbish” about Deke’s comments. Funny how you don’t comment on the gist of the blogpost but focus on some tangential issue. Typical of those who are constantly looking for the one thing that they can latch on to to justify their preconceptions.

    The point of Deke’s post was that one can get a good idea about the zeitgeist of the situation by talking with average folk on the street. As for those who find joy in golf, the only average thing about them is their intelligence. (Now THAT was a snobbish comment….your welcome).

  3. Patrick permalink
    May 21, 2012 10:04 PM

    The real Wisconsin? I love your assumptions about those who play golf at country clubs….I’m sure none of them works hard or plays by the rules. What a snobbish comment!

  4. windy33 permalink
    May 21, 2012 7:30 AM

    we can only hope that the people get out and vote and that we get a new governor. i would like to know that the gov we have does not have a long list of undesirable people that he surounds himself with and the latest being credit card fraud and the attack on the military vets. add up all the attacks and you won’t find one that he did to the rich and wealthy. when you gut education as deep as he has done then the future of the next generation will be in great peril

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