Background On Oak Tree In Paul’s Club In Madison

Paul’s Club will be taking the signature oak tree with them when they move to a new location on State Street.

But what is the history of that famed tree surrounded by the bar?

Back in my days at the Statehouse I could be found at times in Pauls’ Club, and often told friends from out-of-town that they needed to “see the tree”.

The bar dates back to about 1962, and until this recent move has been in the same location on Madison’s most eclectic street.  The owners built the bar around the tree, though the tree has been dead for 60 years.  The leaves have been preserved and fireproofed.

To be honest for a number of years I was under the impression that the tree had somehow grown there and jutted out the ceiling.    When I discovered the real story the tree lost none of it luster, though I did stop trying to see it from various locations above the building while on walks around State Street……..

The tree can now be seen inside where Jacks Shoes once was located.

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