Roses For a Few Bucks From Menards Bring Spectacular Color

I am sure my keyboard should be cranking out a post on the recall election but my thoughts tonight are on much calmer things–and I might even argue more important things as it deals with living life.  So here goes….

No one can call be a rose snob.

In 2011 I ran across a large bin of roses outside a local Menards that were wrapped tightly in a plastic wrap with the stalk sticking out.  They all were labeled with names such as the John Kennedy Rose, or the Elizabeth Rose.    For $1.98 I bought half a dozen, and while hoping they might grow and bloom knew I was not out anything other than my time if they failed to produce.

I realized that when the roses grew chest high in three cases, and the blooms were vibrant and eye-catching I had stumbled on something worthy of telling others about.

While last winter was warmer than normal these roses–which I did not cover unlike some others that were more sensitive and expensive in the yard and did get a winter cone–got back to the business of making blooms and splashes of color this spring.

So off I went to Menards to buy more–like a dozen–for our home, while also taking a friend along to purchase some for his yard. This year the price was $4.98–with a two dollar mail-in coupon–which made them almost the same price as last year.

James kept asking where I intended to plant them all, and I kept telling him to just have a little faith.  Every rose found a home and while some plants need more time to grow and wow the world, there are others that have folks stopping by for free sniffs.   It was a perfect planting idea for this spring.

With just about six weeks in the ground one of the new plants purchased this year has made for a dazzling reminder that roses need not be expensive to be spectacular.


2 thoughts on “Roses For a Few Bucks From Menards Bring Spectacular Color

  1. Mark E. Bye

    I shop Menard’s only when I absolutely, positively need something that I can’t find somewhere else. I’m not going to support WMC any more than I have to.

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