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Tom Barrett Grasping For Anything While Seeking Votes In Recall Race

May 29, 2012

I think Tom Barrett would make a great top executive for the state of Wisconsin.  He has the skills and intellect to move this state forward.  But before he can tap into his background and expertise to lead this state, he must first win the recall election.

That is where Barrett is coming up short.

The problem is that Tom Barrett is just not a good campaigner.  His best abilities are in exercising power, not in tying to gain it. 

Today another example of what comes across as desperate politics, and rather freshman-like campaigning, happened in Baraboo.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett stepped up his criticism of Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday by questioning whether he would pardon any of his aides charged in a John Doe investigation.

“I want to be certain that we’re not going to have this election and he’s going to turn around and pardon all these aides of his who have been charged,” he said after a campaign stop at a Baraboo coffee shop. “I just want him to say that he’s never going to pardon any of these people. These are close associates of his.”

Is this really what Tom Barrett thinks is likely to happen?  I truly do not think so.  There is nothing to suggest that Walker would pardon anyone for anything.  One can say many things about Walker, and this blog has uttered its fair share, but giving pardons to people caught up in the John Doe probe is making a leap that any serious candidate might have tried to avoid.

It is this type of campaign theatrics that, while not new, is just beneath the dignity voters deserve.  Voters, I might add, who are really looking for seriousness in this time of great division in our state.

While I understand the desire to get the Walker probe story into the headlines running up to the election, I also understand the desire of the electorate to be treated liked adults.  Adults with real angst about the way this state has been run for the past 15 months.


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