FAUX News Plans To Lie In Second Language

Creative fiction aims for a larger audience.

News Corp. will launch its Spanish-language broadcast channel, MundoFox.

News will be a significant part of the new channel, according to Jorge Mettey, the senior VP of news at MundoFox.

“We have a lot of expectations; we strongly believe that we have a different approach and the right people, the vision and the ability to communicate at a different level,” Mettey tells TVNewser.

The basics: the network will launch with a single news show, an evening news program anchored by Rolando Nichols of KWHY Los Angeles, a MundoFox affiliate. There will be two live half-hours produced every weekday, one for the east coast and a second, customized version for the west coast.

3 thoughts on “FAUX News Plans To Lie In Second Language

  1. DBK

    Obviously, Karl Rove and the GOP see the need to propagate their rhetoric through Faux News in light of the expanding Hispanic demographic changes and potential political influence this portends.

  2. Susan,

    Please be mindful of a lady called Fredricka Whitfield, a news room reporter for CNN–and there are others people of color on both CNN and MSNBC. Also….NBCLatino.com, launched this month, features original reporting while culling news and lifestyle content from the company’s existing properties — including Today and Nightly News and sister networks MSNBC and Telemundo.

    What I think you most dislike about my post is that I state FAUX News is not a real news station.

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