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Scott Walker Being Bought By Rich Conservatives– $178,000 A Day

May 30, 2012

No one can honestly say with a straight face the large amounts of money being spent in Wisconsin for this recall election is making for a more informed electorate.   

The facts are simple. 

There is too much money in the political system, and huge volumes of cash alters perspectives and pollutes the process.  Nothing is gleamed from 30-second television ads, or meaningless radio spots that only aim to spin and cloud the issues.  Talk to literally anyone on the street, and ask them about the ads.  There will be one uniform response. 

Too many.  Too costly.  Too much empty rhetoric.

It was therefore alarming to read that in the recent reporting period Scott Walker has raised an average of more than $178,000 a day for his recall efforts.  Much of that money is pumped into Walker’s advertising machine that spews out pabulum.

The problem is that too many rich conservatives from around the nation are pumping cash into the biggest political event of the first half of the year–the recall election in Wisconsin.

The types of people giving cash by the septic tank loads need to be watched.  They claim to be ‘only interested in good government’ and would never want something in return for their investment.

Let us clear the air of such a fallacy.

Rich people invest money, and are not prone to just giving it away. That is why they have so much of it.  That is especially true with conservative business people who have a whole different set of ethics than most people you or I meet on the street.

So the money that is heading into the Walker campaign comes with a wish list.  The public is not aware of what it will be.  Perhaps even at this stage Walker himself is not aware why he is being bought.  At some point the rich want a return on their investment, and that is when the citizens of Wisconsin get screwed.

The facts are staggering.

He (Walker) already has taken in more than 80% of the total amount spent by him and all other candidates and independent groups in the 2010 governor’s race, when he beat Barrett. In that race, all groups spent $37.4 million, according to estimates by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

The sad fact is that many people will walk into the voting booth on Tuesday and not even be aware that their state government is being sold from underneath them. 

Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin.

  1. May 30, 2012 11:01 PM

    Yes, and you do too.

    We both read the newspapers. We have watched Wall Street. We have read about those companies that want to fill in wet lands. We watched as big tobacco tried to continue their actions. etc.–

  2. Patrick permalink
    May 30, 2012 9:32 PM

    All studies have shown that conservatives are more prone to giving their money away than liberals are. Just look at any of the studies of charitable giving which deal with this subject.

    Do you think you know enough conservative business people to support the claim that conservative business people have a “whole” different set of ethics than most people you or I meet on the street?

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