BREAKING NEWS: Scott Walker’s Office Tried To Stonewall DA Inquiry

Shades of Watergate are being cast over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tonight.  It is looking more and more obvious everyday that it not Katharine Graham who had a tit in the wringer, but rather Walker who has his nuts in a vise.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that when Walker was county executive there was an unwillingness to participate with the DA investigation.  You might take note while reading this article that Walker has repeatedly brushed aside questions about the John Doe by claiming credit for launching it.

If manure could fly the East Wing of the State Capitol would be in orbit.

There must be a reckoning come Tuesday, June 5th.  The people of this state must rise up with a righteous fury and banish Walker from the governor’s office.  Lets clean out his office, and move this state in a direction that again meshes with the ideals that we have long been known for.

Walker, after all, is an aberration.

Milwaukee County prosecutors opened the secret John Doe criminal investigation more than two years ago after being stonewalled by Gov. Scott Walker’s office when he was county executive, according to a newly released record.

The document appears to cast doubt on some of Walker’s claims about his role in launching and cooperating with the probe.

On May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event honoring veterans.

By making it a secret John Doe investigation, Landgraf wrote that prosecutors might get better cooperation from Walker’s office, which had been “unwilling or unable” to turn over records and information needed in the investigation. He said he would need to subpoena county records and officials.

“It may be the County Executive’s Office is reluctant to provide information to investigators due to a fear of political embarrassment,” Landgraf wrote, noting that Walker was then running for governor.

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