The Sad Facts About Scott Walker, And Why He Must Be Recalled From Office

No one can dispute the following, unless they are willing to lie.

  • The whole Walker regime is orchestrated and financed from out of state. Walker has raised 60% to 70% of his $31 million outside Wisconsin, in large part from the same billionaires who supported Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
  • The sheer corruption of the Walker administration is hard to overstate. Ron Seely did an incredible investigation for the Wisconsin State Journal on how our Department of Natural Resources allowed a corporation with ties to regulators to get away with dumping three times the allowable limit of human sewage near a residential area, exposing neighbors to the risk of serious illness. Alongside the article, the State Journal ran a startling graph showing how enforcement has plummeted to near nonexistence at Walker’s DNR.
  • The John Doe criminal probe shows a pattern of contempt for Wisconsin’s clean government laws: fundraising and campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, shaking down Milwaukee businesses for donations and swag for Walker’s campaigns, not firing an aide long after it emerged that he was stealing money intended for the widows and orphans of Wisconsin’s war dead and using it to pay for his vacations. Who are these people?
  • Walker’s policies as governor reflect the same contempt for ordinary Wisconsinites: massive cuts to our schools, university and technical college system, and huge tax cuts for corporations.

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