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Letter From Home “The Auction” 6/3/12

June 3, 2012

I was standing back and watching the dynamics around me for much of the estate auction on Saturday at the home of my parents.  It is remarkable to see how all the things that once seemed important and cherished over the years by someone get reduced at a sale for a mere few dollars. 

There is something disquieting about angling for the best deal at an auction. But people seemed gleeful in participating, and I was appreciative that so many took the time to attend

I was stunned when the dining room table that would be considered retro-chic in Madison was sold for $4.00 in Hancock.    I should not have been.

Earlier when a number of rifles (not a part of my father’s estate) was about to be auctioned the movement of men was akin to how I had viewed seagulls chasing a fishing trawler while in Maine. 

I do not make a habit of attending auctions.  In fact, the last one I attended was probably 15 years ago.   Most of those  I interacted with at the auction were much the same.  The occasional auction here and there is one thing, but to make a routine of such affairs while collecting stuff is certainly not my idea of a good time.

There was almost a comedic air to some of the ‘professionals’ present as they nodded their heads as a signal for a bid.  With a serious demeanor as if playing poker at Sotheby’s they plotted their moves.   It was a hoot to watch.

It would have made for less humor had all the men nodding thier heads shaved the back of their necks neatly, and not had tufts of fur starting at their hairline running down into their t-shirts.  

Again, I was just standing and watching the show around me.

Late in the afternoon I told the auctioneer I noticed how he performed and entertained the crowd while handling the business end of the auction.  He was ‘on stage’ for over three hours, and kept the laughs coming and the items moving.  I got the feeling when mentioning this that he does not always find someone in the crowd making such an appraisal of his style.

Near the beginning of the auction as people were milling around, and looking at the items, I noticed two birds continually flying in and around the large pines on the north side of my parent’s property.  Again, and again they fluttered about, and landed.

As the auction got underway I looked back and saw they had landed on the top perches that gave an overview to the proceedings.

I will let others make any connection they wish about this pair.

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