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Recall Election Night At The Wisconsin State Capitol

June 5, 2012

There was only one place to be–at least for me–on Tuesday night as the polls closed, and the counting started for the historic recall election in Wisconsin.  After 17 months of drama there was no other place for me to have been than at the State Capitol. 

Living only a few blocks way has meant that much of the energy and headlines that played out during the collective bargaining fight was something that James and I were able to witness first-hand.  As the last act of this story was played out with the recall election we made our way once again to the lawn of the statehouse.

A lively and energized band took to the Capitol steps making for the last hour of voting to be filled with hand-clapping and dancing.

I am always thrilled to see young faces, and know that there is indeed others who will follow in our steps and work to make Wisconsin a better place to live.

There are always a few moments when smiles are made, as political points are being presented.

The Don Johnson look was really something I thought was worthy of a picture.  The only thing lacking was a bit of a rolled-up sleeve on the jacket.

As the evening rolled along came one of those wonderful moments when quiet and thoughtful young men and women stood in silence and made a statement.

I am so very proud of Wisconsin, and the many people who made a point of making sure our government does not forget who is in control.  There was a conservative partisan power play by Scott Walker when state workers and public employees were attacked.  That forced the state into a recall election.  The people did not prevail at the polls, but the fight will continue in a new form.

We will not be stilled or made silent.

  1. June 6, 2012 8:28 AM

    More radical? Don’t know how you can say the people did not prevail at the polls Gregory. Looks to me like they prevailed twice! I’d like to think that you can be proud of your efforts – misguided as they might have been – to walk away now, and spend more quality time with James, your books, the hawks, and your beautiful flowers. I also hope, as unpleasant as it must have been, that the auction was successful and you can move on from there as well. I wish you the best.

  2. Sandra Jones permalink
    June 6, 2012 7:55 AM

    Yes, Gregory: We’ll all just have to get tougher, more dedicated, and (for my part) even more radical. And next time anybody decides to stage a recall, I sure hope they manage to come up with a strong candidate to run against the recallee BEFORE they send all those poor innocent petitioners running off in all directions, BEFORE they write their countless pleas for money. This train-wreck has added whole new shades of meaning to the term

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