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Scott Walker For Vice-President?

June 5, 2012

Why not Sarah Palin as Secretary of State?  It should be noted that this article does not mention that Scott Walker is the focus of a criminal investigation into his actions as Milwaukee County Executive.  Felons make poor choices as vice-president.  Just ask Spiro Agnew.

A victory (today) would make Walker the instant front-runner for the GOP vice presidential nod. Walker has a great story to tell. He took on the public-sector unions and did not back down in the face of protests, civil disobedience and the spectacle of Democratic state legislators fleeing across state lines to avoid casting their votes back home. By standing firm, he succeeded in implementing collective-bargaining and other common sense reforms that have saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than a billion dollars — turning a record $3.6 billion budget deficit into a $154 million surplus. And he did it while cutting property taxes and creating a business-friendly environment that has produced more than 35,000 new jobs since he took office. All this makes Walker the national poster child for taming out of control budgets.

It has also made Walker a hero to the conservative grassroots that Romney needs to energize. By turning Walker’s recall into a national cause, Wisconsin Democrats gave Walker the opportunity to rally conservative activists across the country and build a national fundraising network that has pulled in more than $31 million — nearly triple the $11 million fundraising record he set in his 2010 race. Walker is now a national political figure who has at his disposal a well-oiled political operation that could help Romney-Walker win not only in Wisconsin but across the United States.

Putting Walker on the GOP ticket would make Romney instantly competitive in Wisconsin. And it would force President Obama to spend time and resources defending a state he expected to be an easy win in November. Even if Obama succeeded in narrowly holding Wisconsin, the fight for the Badger State would divert precious resources from other battleground states. And if the Republican ticket did pull an upset in Wisconsin, Obama’s chances for a second term would be slim to none.

  1. June 5, 2012 1:02 PM

    Actually, Obama is more likely to use the “nuclear option” and make Hillary Rodham Clinton his VP choice; that he is growing Weary of Joey McMensa, then Scott Walker becoming Romney’s VP choice.

    Then there is Dick Morris’s contention that the Clintons – particularly Bill want Romney to win and thus giving Hillary a shot at running for President in 2016.

  2. June 5, 2012 12:57 PM

    Don’t worry, Paul Ryan has a better shot at the VP position.

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