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Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein Together On Sunday’s “Face The Nation”

June 9, 2012

This will be fantastic!

The last time Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had a joint byline was in April 1976, with the Washington Post story from the “The Final Days,” on the Nixon-Kissinger, on-their-knees prayer scene the night before Nixon announced his resignation. This weekend the guys are back with a joint byline.

In addition the two journalists will be featured on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer Sunday morning–check local listings for time in your area.

When asked how the CBS show landed the duo, Schieffer had the obvious answer.   “I asked them!”

Since the CBS news veteran was reporting during the days of Watergate this will prove to be the best of the lot among the networks come Sunday morning.

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  1. June 9, 2012 9:34 PM

    Will be great to see them together again.

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