Squishy Democrats No Better Than Republicans

Hat Tip To Dan

Saying what needs to be said.

A squishy Democrat who feels the same about unions as Republicans do won’t either, especially when the Republican won’t mince words and the Democrat is scared to do the same for fear of scaring off independents; never mind that he loses some of his base. Barrett lost 38% of union households to Walker, because Barrett wasn’t their guy and proved it by taking collective bargaining off the table and out of the race. Oh, and the recall was stupid, because Barrett couldn’t frame it in a way to make it matter, and for him it was obviously a rematch of 2010, which didn’t convince anyone uncertain that it was actually worth it.

Voters won’t vote Democrats in when the policies they champion aren’t making their lives better, more secure, and they have to pay more taxes for the privilege.

One thought on “Squishy Democrats No Better Than Republicans

  1. windy33

    well guess what. the walker backers will see how much more they will pay in taxes. and in time it will come out how walker bull shi# the public

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