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Mark Pocan Films Congressional Campaign Ad At B.B. Clarke Beach

June 13, 2012

A film crew, political aides, and one eager politician outnumbered youngsters at B.B. Clarke Beach on Madison’s isthmus Wednesday afternoon. 

A spirited primary for the 2nd congressional district is underway.  One thing is for sure, there will be a television ad buy from Mark Pocan, which started with the filming of a series of spots today, and slated for airing in the weeks to come.

I must say I felt somewhat dated talking to the communications director for the Pocan campaign.  I mentioned that I recalled the wonderful exciting race when Madison’s David  Clarenbach ran for congressThe young, well-intentioned man admitted he had not heard of Clarenbach.

I mention this only since Pocan, who is openly gay, is hoping to follow openly gay Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin to Washington. (Baldwin is running for U.S. Senate.)  It was Clarenbach, a strong advocate of gay rights–though not openly gay while serving–who allowed for so much progress to be made on a whole host of issues to the gay community.  

How can one be involved at a high level with the Mark Pocan campaign and not know of David Clarenbach?  That is puzzling. 

This is not in any way a slap at the man I spoke with, but just a comment.  The aide to Pocan is most serious, and to be applauded for his involvement with politics.

But we must know our history if we are to step with confidence into the future.

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