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Senator Marco Rubio Not To Be Mitt Romney’s VP

June 19, 2012

I had long thought Marco Rubio would be the Republican vice-presidential nominee with Mitt Romney in 2012.  The need to secure Florida in the electoral college, and the background of Rubio, in both ethnicity and teabagger politics, made him seem a very sure thing.

Not to be.

“[K]nowledgable Republican sources tell me that Senator Marco Rubio is not being vetted by Mitt Romney’s vice presidential search team. He has not been asked to complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates.”

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  1. Solly permalink
    June 30, 2012 11:47 PM

    that’s too bad. maybe he coulda explained to Mittens how he stopped making payments on his investment house (he co-owned with a fellow state rep, now congressman who was elected to go to Wash. in 2010 same as Marco) in Tallahassee and let it go into foreclosure, and how he charged personal expenses including a $130 haircut (I think the style is called the John Edwards), meals, trips on a Florida State Repug Party credit card, including some he also billed to the taxpayers. Tell me again teabaggers, how this man is going to help the federal gubment balance its budget???? By the way, I wonder how many years of records the VP candidates have to submit to Mittens, since it’s like pulling teeth to get him to release anything.

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