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Will Scott Walker Finally Get His College Degree?

June 19, 2012

Did Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker design state program to help himself over the hurdle of securing a college degree?  While Walker put some time in on campus when younger, he was never able to graduate with a degree.

A new self-paced, competency-based model for completing online college degrees, and making higher education more affordable and accessible, was announced Tuesday by Gov. Scott Walker and two top University of Wisconsin System officials.

The new UW Flexible Degree is being touted as a transformation of higher education in Wisconsin, and an economic engine to help the state produce more college graduates.

The degree will allow students to start classes anytime and earn credit for what they already know. It may be available as soon as this fall.

Under the new model, students will be able to demonstrate college-level competencies based on material they already learned in school, on the job, or on their own.

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  1. Joan Lagerman permalink
    June 19, 2012 4:03 PM

    Well if he did, he’s my kind of smart! To be able to multi-task that many thing’s at once. Lord know’s that man hasn’t had anything else but his own lack of a collage degree weighting on his mind lately.

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