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Vactican Can’t Stop Nuns On Bus Since These Nuns Have Credibility

June 20, 2012

What these nuns are doing to push back on Congressman Paul Ryan is fantastic.  That the Vatican thought they had any say in what these nuns should be thinking, or doing, is the same old misogyny that ‘the Church’ has so long been known for.

This tour comes on the heels of the Vatican’s attacks on American nuns for allegedly embracing “radical feminism” and being out of touch with church teachings.

It imposed sanctions on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents 57,000 (about 80 percent of) American Catholic nuns, saying they were spreading the wrong ideas about the all-male priesthood, marriage and homosexuality.

The role of women in the church isn’t a Nuns on the Bus issue, though Campbell said they are concerned about it. But that didn’t stop a local abortion foe from posting an online diatribe against the traveling nuns that said: “Sorry, Sisters … affirming people in their sodomite sin, promoting the slaughter of the innocent preborn, and being in arrogant disobedience to the church (and by extension, to God himself) is scandalous and utterly anti-Catholic.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, by the way, has also called on Congress and the administration to reject proposed cuts in domestic and international hunger and nutrition programs.

Nuns have long been associated with charity, said Campbell, of Los Angeles who quoted from the 2009 encyclical of Pope Benedict: “Charity and justice are both based in love, but you can’t have charity until everyone has justice.”

Says the Rev. Michael Amodeo, the priest at Holy Trinity, “This is what women religious have been doing for decades — highlighting the poor and marginalized, but also asking some tough questions,” about the root causes of hunger and homelessness.

Among those cheering the Nuns on the Bus is Amy Colony, formerly of Carlisle, and now living in Denver, where she’s an attorney with the Colorado attorney general’s office.

Watching the tour launch from afar, she wrote me, “They are precisely what I used to love and revere about the Catholic Church before I decided I could no longer tolerate the anti-woman stuff and exclusion of my gay brothers and sisters — and I had to walk away.” These nuns, she said, “are my heroes. True servants of Christ and true feminists.”

After hearing what the sisters were saying, I had to agree. Religion at its best isn’t just about personal morality or spiritual beliefs.

The most credible religious leaders stand up for the downtrodden and marginalized, both in words and in deeds, challenging power structures when necessary and evolving their teachings to stay relevant.

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  1. windy33 permalink
    June 20, 2012 1:18 PM

    ryan sold his soul to the devel plain and simple

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