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Defining “Fox & Friends”

June 22, 2012

Consider that in 2008 President Obama lost the non-college-educated whites by 18%….

I often am at a loss as how to explain the success of such schlock on television, like the morning ratings magnet Fox & Friends.  There is nothing of substance on the show that is not staged or manipulated.  Yet there is a gleeful thrill from a certain segment of the nation who finds turning into the sophomoric mind of Steve Doocy somehow enlightening.

As much an idiot as Doocy is on the air, it gets even worse with the bimbo-like Gretchen Carlson.  She crosses her legs as if she thinks by appearing extra sexy the men at home can stuff dollar bills into their TV sets,  and it will somehow land in her money-box.

Consider the background of Ms. Carlson, who is known for making light of her ignorance. She has said during the program, for example, that she has had to Google the definition of words like ignoramus and czar.

Yeah, the non-educated college crowd should never turn into NPR in the mornings.

Despite all the outrageousness there is a keen self-awareness inside the network about “Fox & Friends.” “We reflect who the audience is,” said Mr. Shine, offering a recent example. “We didn’t spend a lot of time discussing who won the Tony Awards.”

Good Lord!

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