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Where Does Mitt Romney Stand On The Dream Act?

June 22, 2012

Republicans nominated a candidate for president who has no central core, no clear set of values, nothing of substance on which to stand.  Therefore when it comes to issues in the campaign there is nowhere Mitt Romney can go for cover.  He has no one who can take his side, as he has no clear position where he stands.  Is Romney for the Dream Act or opposed to it?  Is he for President Obama’s action on immigration, or opposed to it?

The Republicans are in a pickle with their pick for president.

Meanwhile Romney is in a poor position when it comes to the Dream Act.

In a passionate speech to Latino leaders, President Obama on Friday defended his decision to stop deporting certain undocumented youthand blasted Republicans — including leaders in Congress and Mitt Romney — for standing in the way of immigration reform. 

“In the face of a Congress that refuses to do anything on immigration… I will take action where I can,” Mr. Obama said at the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) conference in Orlando. 

“It’s long past time we gave them a sense of hope,” Mr. Obama said of the undocumented youth who can now qualify to stay in the country legally and acquire work permits. 

“Your speaker from yesterday has a different vision,” the president continued in reference to Romney, his presumptive general election rival. 

The president noted that in his remarks to NALEO on Thursday, Romney said that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. 

“He has promised to veto the DREAM Act, and we should take him at his word,” Mr. Obama said. After a pause, he added, “I’m just saying.”

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