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Saturday Song: The Best Divorce Songs

June 23, 2012

Thanks to online circuit court records weddings can be a whole lot more fun.

Delicious amusement can follow the dropping of a name from a wedding invitation into the court database.  After all, it will help in determining if ‘modesty bed sheets’ are still the best gift to give!

With that in mind it is time to tap my personal country music database concerning the best divorce songs ever recorded.  Though these songs are for pure fun it does not make the desire to walk down the aisle for used goods gain any favor.

The very first song that came to my mind was The Box It Came In recorded by Wanda Jackson.  It is truly a hoot, and a classic–and I mean in the sense of outstanding pithy lyrics.  Give it a listen.

But the box that it came in was all that I found
He took everything with him that wasn’t nailed down
Bet he’s got a new sweetheart to fill my wedding gown
But somewhere I’ll find him then I’ll have peace of mind
And the box he comes home in will be all satin lined

Loretta Lynn is known for her songs of real life and lost love.

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m the other woman. The other woman in your husband’s life.

Songs of regret dot the landscape of country music, and as I combed my mind for perhaps the best of this type relating to divorce I thought of Pasty Cline, I Cried All The Way To The Altar.

Now too late I know that we
Were wrong to part
Oh my darlin’ now too late
We can’t go back and start anew
Now too late I’ve thrown away
My chance of happiness with you
I cried all the way to the altar

Divorce songs are probably as much fun to write as record. My Mom had strong feelings against divorce, and if I were to use her feelings in a song it would require that I find words that rhyme with ‘hind-end’.

One of those fun songs about divorce comes from Billy Ray Cyrus, titled Where Am I Going To Live When I Get Home.

I knew our road was gettin kinda rocky
She said I was gettin way too cocky
She waited till I was gone
She packed from dusk till dawn
So where am I gonna live when I get home?

Perhaps the whole nation best knows this country song by Tammy Wynette as the ultimate D-I-V-O-R-C-E  song.

The best songs of this genre are not all from the 1960’s or thereabout.  Two of the best were recorded by Alan Jackson who copied Who’s Cheatin Who, and Mark Chesnutt’s original Going Through The Big D.

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  1. DBK permalink
    June 25, 2012 11:02 AM

    Ouch, Wanda. Beneath the several fetching 60’s hairdos lies a real killer kitten.

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