History Tells Us That VP Pick Will Be A Surprise

Great reminder.

While every eventual GOP nominee in the last five non-incumbent presidential cycles began the race as a favorite, the same cannot be said of their VP picks, all of whom were initially regarded inside the Beltway echo chamber either as blips on the political radar or not on the screen at all.

After Vice President George H.W. Bush wrapped up the Republican nomination in 1988, his aides quietly circulated a list of running-mate possibilities, which included both Dole and Kemp among the favorites.

According to a Washington Post story in July of that year, former President Richard Nixon had offered Bush some advice: make the “short list” appear to be as long as possible.

“Once you get it down to two or three people,” Nixon told him, “see to it that a dozen or so names get out in the press. It’ll be a sop to everyone on the list, and it will keep the press off the trail.”

The eventual pick that year, Dan Quayle, scarcely got any ink as a serious possibility until just before Bush added him to the ticket on the second day of the Republican National Convention in New Orleans.

Vatican Gets Fox News Media Adviser–Let Me Tell You What I Think

How does one sell soap-on-a-rope to a bunch of pedophiles in the Catholic Church?   With better messaging and spin.

The last thing the Vatican needs is someone who can hone the message.

What the Vatican needs is some bleach and sunlight.

Years of communication blunders is not the problem.  A whole lot of priests who grope boys is the issue, while coercing those who sit in the pews to pay the legal bills. 

No amount of messaging will undo that truth.

That the Vatican thinks this is all a PR problem is an international insult.

The Vatican has brought in the Fox News correspondent in Rome to help improve its communications strategy as it tries to cope with years of communications blunders and one of its most serious scandals in decades, officials said Saturday.

Greg Burke, 52, will leave Fox to become the senior communications adviser in the Vatican’s secretariat of state, the Vatican and Burke told The Associated Press.

The Vatican has been bedeviled by communications blunders ever since Benedict’s 2005 election, and is currently dealing with a scandal over Vatican documents that were leaked to Italian journalists. While the scandal is serious — Benedict himself convened a special meeting of cardinals Saturday to try to cope with it — the Vatican’s communications problems long predate it.

Benedict’s now-infamous speech about Muslims and violence, his 2009 decision to rehabilitate a schismatic bishop who denied the Holocaust, and the Vatican’s response to the 2010 explosion of the sex abuse scandal are just a few of the blunders that have tarnished Benedict’s papacy.