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Guess Who Belongs To The Conservative Catholic Opus Dei Group?

June 25, 2012

More reasons to laugh at the little man wearing red Prada shoes.

This weekend I noted sourly that the Vatican is beefing up attempts to improve PR for the church.  Nothing wrong with the foundation, you know, it is all a matter of perspective…right?

What a crock of BS.

This morning the last piece to the puzzle came my way in a news entry at Slate.

The Vatican will be getting some (much needed) PR help after hiring a Fox News correspondent as a senior communications adviser for the Church’s top administrative office, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

The Fox News staffer, Greg Burke, is also a member of the conservative Catholic Opus Dei group. He will leave his job at Fox, where he is a Rome-based reporter.

Opus Dei is just one very corrupt operation that no sane person would go near.  It was in conspiracy with Franco’s dictatorship, and today manages and manipulates giant economic capital.  They still label Queen Elizabeth  as a “demon”.  The group is ape-crap crazy.

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