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Nickey Fynn, Madison’s Best Street Artist, Has World-Wide Fans

June 26, 2012

A couple of years ago I was able to talk for a few minutes with Nickey Fynn following one of his amazing performances on State Street.  It was a sunny Saturday morning during a Dane County Farmers’ Market, and Fynn had just dazzled and amused another crowd.  One would think that after having so many people in the palm of his hand for a performance he might be a little full of himself.

Instead I chatted with a most pleasant and intelligent man who verbally demonstrated the dedication he gives to his craft of magic and public performance.  He truly is unmatched by any other individual in the city.

If you have not seen one his performances—go!  Fynn appears on the first block of State St. (nearest the Capitol) Saturday morning.

Several weeks ago I received this update from Fynn.

I hope your having a lovely transition from spring to summer. I just
got back to Wisconsin from Thailand where it was more than 100 degrees
with 100% humidity. Customs is always a hoot, they get a kick out of
seeing all the strange props in my bag. The officer asked if there were
any explosives in my plastic banana…

Although it’s great to be home, I will only be in the Madison area for
two months. In August I have a show in Malaysia in an event titled
Superstars of Magic 2, then in September I’ve been invited to perform at
Happy Valley Theme park in Chengdu, China.

In any case, every Saturday I will be performing street magic shows at
the first block of State St. (nearest the Capitol), so come on by, bring
friends and family and have a morning of market magic!

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