More Unplanned Pregnancies Coming To A Family Near You If Supreme Court Strikes Down Health Care Law

Conservatives hate abortion, right?

So conservatives should then try to promote cost-effective alternatives to getting pregnant, right?

(All right–all right–stop your laughing….)

Those few Americans who like having sex just for the pleasure of it (wherever you are) will be in for a surprise if Antonin Scalia and his buddies ax the Affordable Care Act. There was a recent firestorm of controversy over the ACA’s mandate that insurance plans provide free birth control, but Obama offered up a compromise shifting the burden away from religiously affiliated employers. The end result was that starting Aug. 1 the pill will be free to all American women who are insured.
 Without the law, many women—including those without a huge amount of disposable income—would be forced to pay for birth control out-of-pocket. Organizations like Planned Parenthood argue this would lead to far less consistent use of the pill—and more unplanned pregnancies.

2 thoughts on “More Unplanned Pregnancies Coming To A Family Near You If Supreme Court Strikes Down Health Care Law

  1. Morgan Sheridan

    What gets me is so many of those younger conservatives never saw the kinds of family violence that happened in too-big families with two, three or four unwanted children. They know people don’t have work. They know people are struggling to afford decent food. They know that families cannot afford the expense of unwanted children. So exactly what the hell do they plan to do with the unwanted children that result from their laws? Seize the children and use them for what exactly? Child slave labor? Put the parents in prison for being poor? Use them for prison labor? What’s the end game?

  2. Solly

    Conservatives believe that government responsibility in this area begins at conception, and ends at birth. Then the kid and the parents are on their own. “Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps one month old!” It didn’t used to be this way. John B. Anderson, Chuck Percy, Ann Peckham, Peggy Rosensweig, Mary Panzer and even Alberta Darling used to believe a government dollar spent on family planning and cancer screening to save $100 in the future made sense and was patriotic. Now, those people are gone, or in the case of Darling, either cowed into silence lest their be the threat of a primary or inexplicably changed their opinion contrary to economics, compassion and logic (slight stroke?)

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