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Christmas Blows Up At Hobby Lobby In Monona

June 29, 2012

Today is June 29, 2012.

JUNE 29th!

James and I went to Hobby Lobby today for two picture frames, and some browsing.  I love the store, and when it comes to framing needs there is no better place to shop.

That will be the end of the nice things I have to say about the store in this post.

Once I entered the store, and started walking around I noticed the only thing missing was a mug of hot chocolate and a live nativity scene.  There were MANY aisles arranged with wreathes, garland, garish bulbs, and all things Christmas–enough to make me puke.

Did I mention this is JUNE 29th!  This coming week is July 4th.

The Hobby Lobby Corporation is very steeped in religion, and that is fine.  They are not open on Sunday–which I applaud– and seem to have plenty of nice folks who work the store. (OK, now that will be the last nice thing I have to say about the business in this post.)   But to commercialize Christmas in June makes me ill.

So I thought I would ask someone–nicely–about the need to have all the Christmas items up for sale.  I might add what the store did have arrayed for fall and Halloween was almost an embarrassment–in relation to all the stuff that is supposed to get you in the Christmas holiday mood.

The man I spoke to told me–without a trace of silliness in his tone–that due to some of the craft items already out for holiday creations, they felt a need to have everything Christmas displayed.  I might add, when I did a look at the Christmas craft section, it was not all that large, and probably would have survived just fine without all the holiday items from China already up for sale.

The man even told me he thought it was “awful” that other stores would have items up for sale before Halloween, but since the Hobby Lobby “is a craft store”……



There is never a good time to make a fast buck off the commercialization of Christmas…especially from a store that has a religious perspective.

As I neared the lady behind the register to check out I joked that I was there to get a Christmas tree….and without missing a beat she alerted me they are all in the back just waiting to be brought out for display.

I paid for the purchase James and I had bought, and walked out into the 90 degree sunshine.

It was hot.

That is to be expected since it is JUNE 29!

  1. Becca permalink
    July 5, 2012 8:15 AM

    I am so excited to buy my craft items at Hobby Lobby on July 1st! You must have been shocked to see all that Christmas stock though when you went to get frames! Lol! I bet they get a good amount of surprise because of it!

  2. BadgerBabe permalink
    July 3, 2012 10:58 AM

    I agree with the basic thesis of this commentary — that there is something very off-putting about the commercial exploitation of Christmas or other holidays and special occasions. (I’ve left shopping malls piping in Xmas music around Halloween! And I am disgusted when I see Easter candy and decorations available for sale just after New Year’s Day. ) But I think Hobby Lobby isn’t being treated fairly in this instance.

    I am a crafter. Knitting is my particular passion, but there was a time when I wanted to “out-Martha Martha Steward” by putting up multiple Christmas trees in our home. That involves a tremendous amount of work and a tremendous financial investment. And it involves a lot of time to plan and pull together the decorations. That means starting early, since most people can’t afford to drop a could hundred dollars or more for ornaments and lights in a single day. The displays also act as a form of inspiration. That there are Christmas decorations on display at Hobby Lobby when temps are nearing 100 degrees isn’t a surprise. Frankly, I’d be willing to bet store staff were asked when the ornaments would be available before they put out the ornaments. For someone enthusiastic about Xmas decorating, July just isn’t too early to start thinking about decorating ideas or to start buying ornaments, some of which cost more than $10 per item. When I’ve committed to making ornaments or special holiday gifts, I get started sometime in mid-January, and I get annoyed when I can’t find holiday yarn or holiday kits. And as someone who subscribes to crafter list-serves, I read complaints from crafters around this and other countries who also want to be able to get their hands of holiday crafting materials. (In fact, Hobby Lobby seems to have a better reputation among uber-crafters than Michaels or other stores that sell Christmas decorating supplies.)

    think the day will come when malls will be open on Christmas afternoon, so folks can exchange the gifts they opened on Christmas morning. Certainly the days when grocery stores shut down for Thanksgiving and Christmas are long-gone. But I just don’t think Hobby Lobby is “exploiting” Christmas in this particular instance. They are responding to the needs of a very specific audience segment.

  3. Kelly From WI permalink
    June 30, 2012 12:13 PM

    Not surprising, most retailers set Back to School this week and Christmas set up starts in some stores on Labor Day.

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